Department  of History and Archeology of Slavs
The head of the department: doctor of historical sciences, professor Mykhailo Zhurba 
           The staff of department:
      provides preparation of teachers of history and jurisprudence, history and social science, history and regional tourism, history and country studies;

      reads courses of lectures and conducts practical classes on disciplines: history of slavs, and archaeology;
      works in scientific school «Political institute and public associations in Ukraine and countries of central eastern Europe in 20-thcentury». (The head – Mykhailo Zhurba );

      created a lot of monographs and train aids, scientific articles;
      post-graduate studies and doctoral studies  operate also.

Tel. +38 044  520-12-05
Ukraine, 03037, Kyiv-37, Osvity str. 6, kab. 24.                                                                                                                   
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