Educational laboratory of archeological researches

The head of laboratory: candidate of historical sciences, associated  professor, department of history and archeology of slavs Ruslan Shyshkin.


 The principal work forms of laboratory:

•  archeological expeditions;

•  preparation of scientific reports and publications;

•  scientific conferences, seminars, colloquiums;

•  lectures and practical classes.

The main direction of researches –the theme "Ethnocultural history of Middle Dnipper stream territory in the first half of the 1-st millennium of A.D.”:

reconstruction of the system of settling, ecology and territory of Chernyakhiv  culture tribes;
study of economy of Prudniprovya tribes;
religious  beliefs of transmitters of Chernyakhiv culture tribes on the basis of burial ceremony materials;
problem of mutual relations of Chernyakhiv and Kyiv cultures;
problem of formation and development of Chernyakhiv and Kyiv cultures and their representatives future development.





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